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Life & Business Coach + Healer 

This is me

Welcome love, I am Stephanie!

I am also a Qualified Mental Health Practitioner turned certified Business Coach for Latinas and Founder of Sovereign Collective, a community for Latinas that want to heal, grow and create wealth.

I help Latinas create successful purpose-led business' while prioritizing their healing journey. Using the worlds leading business/marketing strategies, mindset techniques, science, holistic healing practices & BIPOC centered development tools.


Through my own self-discovery, healing and business journey I discovered that my purpose was to empower and provide Latinas with the tools to heal and become financially free! I am now dedicated to our collective freedom!

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Texas A&M University.  I have explored many areas of study & alternative healing techniques ALL of which make part of my holistic approach to helping you heal, access your power and create your dream life & online business.

I am currently offering group coaching inside the Sovereign Collective membership community, private 1:1 mentorship and business consulting. Contact me to learn more about my offerings and how I can help you!


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